This workshop discusses modern strategies for fire prevention at the workplace. Participants will learn how to prepare, detect and prevent fire threats in their workplaces and homes. It will also enable organizations establish an effective fire safety plan and fire emergency procedure, as well as make sure their facilities are in compliance with standards that meet statutory requirements.

The course will cover:

  • Fire: costs and consequences

  • Principles of fire and explosion

  • Causes and prevention of fires and explosions at the workplace and homes

  • Fire protections in buildings: best practices

  • Fire risk and business continuity plan: the consequences of not having a business continuity plan

  • Fire safety management: indices of an effective fire safety plan

  • Fire operations risk management: loss prevention and profit maximization

  • Emergency evacuation plan and safety of people in the event of a fire

  • Fire safety equipment: an overview of modern fire prevention / fighting materials / equipment, operational and maintenance Procedures

  • Enforcement and penalties

  • Fundamentals of an effective workplace first aid program for organizations

Date: 26th September, 2019

Venue: NECA House, Agidingbi, Beside Fela Shrine, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos

Course fee: ₦25,500 per participants. (Payment made after deadline is ₦27,500.)

Payment deadline: 20th September, 2019

Time: 9am daily

Lecture Method

  • Power Point presentations

  • Discussions

  • Case studies

  • Syndicate sessions

  • Lecture notes

  • Fire safety films

Benefits of the Training

  • PowerPoint presentations

  • Discussions

  • Case studies

  • Syndicate sessions

  • Lecture notes

  • Fire safety films

At the end of the training, participants will:

  • Understand the causes of incessant fire outbreaks at the workplace, and how to develop a formidable fire prevention system and fire safety management plan.

  • Understand the basic principles of fire safety, carry out a fire safety inspection, and learn how to conduct as well as maintain a fire risk assessment.

  • Understand what to do in the event of fire incident without panicking and administer First aid to victims.

  • The workshop will help organizations establish fire emergency procedures and make sure the facility is in compliance with fire safety standard and statutory requirements.

  • Understand the importance of a business continuity management system and its benefits to businesses, society and governments. A business continuity plan assures you that your organization will continue to operate without any major impacts or losses.

  • Enable the employer meet duty of care towards its workers, protect company property, and improve it’s corporate image.

Who Should Attend

General nanagers, head of operations, fire safety marshals / officers, health, safety and environment officers, firefighters, team leaders , safety managers / officers, risk managers / officers, emergency management officers, security operatives / officers, engineers, scientists, human resource managers / officers, personnel managers, union leaders, medical and health personnel, project managers, construction / site managers / officers, contractors, facility managers / officers, technicians, administrative heads / officers, technical and operational staff, managing / executive directors, production team, chefs, and personnel with responsibilities / functions in public and private sectors.

Payment / Registration

Payment should be in Cheque or electronic transfer in favor/payable to the program sponsors:

Account Name: QHSE Services Provyda Limited

Account No: 2463060147

Bank: Ecobank

Payment Deadline: Friday, 20th September, 2019.

For enquiries, kindly send an email to

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